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Plastic White Cups 200ml [Ctn of 1000]
PRICING: Carton of 1000 SIZE: 200ml Plastic white water cups. ..
Ex Tax: AU$35.20
Plastic Clear Cups 200ml [Pack of 100]
PRICING: Pack of 100 SIZE: 200ml Plastic clear water cups. ..
Ex Tax: AU$6.62
Petroleum Jelly 5KG
PRICING: Each SIZE: 5KG Petroleum Jelly is a wonderfully rich, smooth product. It moi..
Ex Tax: AU$86.90
Tongue Depressors [Box of 100]
PRICING: Box of 100 Wooden tongue depressors.   ..
Ex Tax: AU$3.50
Blue Band Aids [Box of 100]
PRICING: Box of 100 SIZE: 25mm x 72mm Strips Visual. Metal Detectable. Wa..
Ex Tax: AU$18.95
Cling Wrap - 33cm [Each]
PRICING: Each SIZE: 33cm x 600m High quality film offering superior cling, stretch and cl..
Ex Tax: AU$32.45
Disposable Single Blade Razors [Box of 100]
PRICING: Box of 100 KAI Disposable Single Blade Medical Prep Razor. Stainless steel b..
Ex Tax: AU$54.45
Disposable Single Blade Razors [Pack of 20]
PRICING: Pack of 20 BIC Disposable Single Blade Sensitive Razor. Fixed head Top..
Ex Tax: AU$11.00
Disposable Triple Blade Razors [Box of 50]
PRICING: Box of 50 Green triple blade medical razors. ..
Ex Tax: AU$35.20
Cotton Tip Applicators [Pack of 100]
PRICING: Pack of 100 SIZE: 7.5mm Swisspers Cotton Tips are 100% cotton to give you the ge..
Ex Tax: AU$3.95